Andean Paqos comprise an ancient lineage of wisdomkeepers that embody animistic consciousness. They are recognized as masters of the Living Energy and practitioners of celestially-integrated ways of life. Spanish chroniclers called them by two names, Pampamisayoq (Pampa•me•sigh•yoke), ones who tend to earth-based matters and Altomisayoq (Alto•me•sign•yoke), intermediaries between human, elemental, terrestrial and celestial realms.

Andean Paqos cultivate heart wisdom as a way of life. This emotional and spiritual intelligence is complemented by ancestral and experiential knowledge to produce a state of Living Presence that helps maintain balance between Heaven and Earth. Paqos operate at the level of the collective conscious and occupy a way of life that has never been separate from Source. Their tradition is one of the few remaining unbroken wisdom lineages on this planet. They are stewards of ancient holistic lifeways and keepers of sacred cosmological knowledge.

In the 1530's, Andean Paqos came under attack from Conquest and Inquisition forces due to their mystical knowledge and inter-dimensional workings within the Inkan civilization. In order to safeguard their animistic lifeways, Paqos and their families fled to remote, high altitude locations where they persevered in seclusion and under extreme conditions for more than four hundred years.

In the 1950's, anthropologists discovered Paqos attending to the health needs of indigenous hacienda workers. Subsequent decades brought increased contact, modern conveniences and ideological safety which led Paqos to live and work within larger communities. For the past three decades Andean Paqos have been disseminating their wisdom via ceremonial offerings, educational conferences and experiential retreats. These cosmological exchanges have helped stimulate intercultural awareness and fulfill the tradition's ancestral prophecy which states that humankind will come into balance when the eagle (mental intelligence) and the condor (emotional wisdom) reunite.

Currently there are only a small number of Celestial Paqos maintaining the tradition's higher levels due to disruptive influences, mentorship die-off and few apprentices willing to undertake the rigors of this resolute path. To address this transitional period, Andean Paqos and the Apus, the tradition's mountain spirit benefactors, have begun recognizing and initiating western-born practitioners to help reweave animistic consciousness, restore holistic lifeways and promote spiritual responsibility among industrialized cultures.

As with other wisdom lineages, the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition has come forward to help humanity remember its origins, choose truth over power and reconnect to That which has always resided within.



"The findings of modern physics and the principles of perennial wisdom traditions are converging. And the spiritual values associated with these wisdom traditions are being validated by science as beneficial to both individuals and society in general."

– Institute of Noetic Sciences, SHIFT Report: Evidence of a World Transforming