Ana-La-Rai is a Planetary Liaison, Mumara (Teacher), Healer, Emissary and Universal Channel. She is of the Angelic Realms and offers gifts which assist individuals and groups to evolve consciousness, connect to their own divinity and embody their full potential. Ana La Rai works with the vibration and energy of LOVE in collaboration with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness and the Councils tasked with uplifting humanity into Christ Consciousness. Her training has been directed by The Galactic Federation of Healers, The Council of 12, the Waters of Earth, the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the Venusian Emissaries, Angelic and Archangelic Hosts as well as her first earthly teacher, Ama Ri Al. 

Ana La Rai offers personal healing sessions, consultations and facilitates Alchemy Collective Consciousness retreats. She also travels to clear and anchor higher vibrational energies on Earth.