Ana-La-Rai is a divine Planetary Liaison, Mumara (Teacher), Healer, Emissary of Love and Universal Channel for many Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousnesses, Whales, Galactics and Light Beings. She is of the Angelic Realms and has spent many lifetimes learning about Love.

Ana La Rai is blessed with gifts which can assist individuals and groups in moving forward, connecting to their own divinity and unlimited potential.  When she works with individuals, information and visuals flow forth from past incarnations and present day, allowing her to share and assist clients with changing their lives while enriching their understanding.

On the Higher realms, Ana La Rai is involved with the Angelic Councils tasked with uplifting the collective heart of humanity into the vibration of Christ Consciousness. Much of her planetary work is done with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness as their voice or channel. Her training began in 2002 and has been directly conducted by The Galactic Federation of Healers, The Council of 12 who overlight the healing of the Love Body of Humanity, the Waters of Earth, the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the Venusian Emissaries of Love, the Angelic and Archangelic Hosts as well as her first earthly teacher, Ama Ri Al. 

Since 2004, Ana La Rai has been facilitating Spiritual Retreats, bringing people together in Divine Service with The Alchemy Collective Consciousness and travelling to various locations to clear and anchor higher vibration energies. Through all that she does, she works with the vibration and energy of LOVE.