Since 1994, Claudia has trained and served as a doctor in a variety of fields of medicine in order to deepen her understanding of health and dis-ease on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. She passionately offers her skills and knowledge to individuals and groups in her private practice and through on-going classes.

Claudia focuses on exploring the mysteries of life, being a dedicated mother and assisting people to shift into a place of self-empowerment by reconnecting them to their innate wisdom. She guides her clients by helping them identify their core values, see their presenting obstacles as opportunities (in all levels of human expression) and finding individual approaches to transformation utilizing the modalities of Chinese Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Emotional Release Techniques, Changing of Limiting Beliefs, Detoxification, Ho’oponopono and more.

She embraces the Truth of Oneness and Complete Personal Responsibility.


1995-2001       Western Medical School at the University of Tuebingen, Germany

1999-2001       Medical Research at the Institute of Pharmacology, Tuebingen, Germany, 

                         (Summa Cum Laude medical thesis award: Dopamine D(3) receptors and salt-dependent hypertension)

2001 -2002     Internship at the Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage, Alaska with rotations in surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics

2003-2006     Residency in Pediatrics in Kreiskrankenhaus Freudenstadt, Germany

2006-2010      Master of Oriental Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, Colorado

2008-2011       Qi Gong Healing Program with Damaris Jarboux and other master teachers

2012-2015       Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training with Julie M Kramer

2013                 Allergy Elimination Technique and Applied Kinesiology Training

2017                 Ho’oponopono as well as ongoing studies in various fields of cutting edge science, spirituality and medicine



2017                        Main character, The Making of Monte Verità by Erin Espelie and Gina Telaroli

2015 - Present       Teaching classes on Health, Growth and Self-Empowerment

2009 - Present      Private practice in Boulder, CO

2002                      Handling and training of an Iditarod sled-dog team near Talkeetna, AK

1993                       Volunteer work at a home for children with behavioral difficulties, Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK