In 2008, Jeffrey Wium received inspiration for the film Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino during a pilgrimage in the Peruvian Andes. He shares his experience of bringing the project to life:

"In 2002, I injured myself while filming a television series in the United States. This 'accident' led me into the realms of holistic healing where I discovered the need to fully integrate my physical, mental and emotional bodies as well as develop more cohesive life practices in order to experience deeper states harmony and well-being.

My life focus turned to education and certification in a variety of healing modalities. During this period I noticed a natural resonance with the lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. After my initial apprenticeship, I was called and initiated into the celestial realms of the lineage in January 2007.

I received the vision for the film in August 2008 while facilitating a pilgrimage in the High Andes. Following the trip, I shared my experience with a close friend who unexpectedly offered to fund the production. I realized then that my worlds were merging and began gathering my 'hats' without knowing that I would have to release all of my ideas and identifications in order to complete what was being asked of me. I would learn, and not always the easy way, that letting go is simply a mental-emotional contraction prior to rebirth.

Accessing and recording the secretive lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition required cultural sensitivity and invisibility. To meet the film's cosmological and technical needs the Ancient Ones asked me to work solo, combining my experience as a Paqo and producer-director-cameraman to create an offering from within the lineage.

Following principle photography I allocated time to wind down teaching and client responsibilities, relocate my family and birth my second child. This period provided necessary space for reflection and integration, and helped me learn to not to get in the way of how the film wanted to present Itself to the world.

Editing took fourteen months to complete. It was a somewhat unorthodox approach executed in a single pass from beginning to end relying on the energetics of the prayers and the rhythms of the native Quechua language (which I do not speak). When Spanish and English translations were finished, I set about matching the energetic resonance of the original dialogue and generated subtitles. After several weeks of reflection, I made second edit to shorten the film from 131 to 87 minutes and began final mastering. 

The project's inspiration and production has been one of trust, receptivity, inter-cultural and inter-dimensional integration into an ancient way of being; a personal and professional paradigm rooted in our natural, unified state of consciousness and "ayni”, unconditional right relationship. This legacy project has Directors beyond myself and I am grateful for their collaboration and unconditional support. I am deeply appreciative of my Andean colleagues, my family and all of the individuals and organizations who have helped realise this film. I also give thanks to the Ancestors whose wisdom and foresight set this all in motion so long ago."



Raised in Northern California. Jeffrey's work, studies and spiritual explorations have taken him around the globe, providing firsthand experience within varying systems, ideologies and perceptual realities.

In 1995, after ten years of intensive production schedules, location travel and living in metropolitan centers, Jeffrey moved to quieter environs to nurture a path of inner study. He completed Qigong certifications in Oregon and China, sought deeper understanding in Tibet, Nepal and India and received the Avaloketesvara initiation from the Dalai Lama.

Jeffrey went on to train and work with Usui-Tibetan-Sai Baba Reiki, Hawaiian lomilomi, meditation, yoga, light and sound therapies, psychosomatic bodywork, quantum healing, wilderness living skills, interdenominational ministry and indigenous philosophy, healing and vision quest protocols.

Jeffrey began his education in Andean energy medicine in 2005 with academic programs and research expeditions as well as traditional apprenticeships in the Peruvian highlands. He has operated as a celestial Paqo since January 2007. Jeffrey offers talks, consultations, programs and retreats based on awakening consciousness, holistic living, experiential learning and non-duality.

Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino was created as a means for people to experience ancient eco-spiritual ways of life, understand animistic consciousness and help foster personal and collective well-being.