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AwakenING to eternal essence

It is human nature to evolve, to seek understanding, expansion and fulfilment. We dedicate ourselves to building sustainable lives, increasing knowledge, mastering practices, nurturing relationships and raising conscious children. And yet for many, there remains a desire to embody something more comprehensive, more primary– to know lasting contentment in a world of constant change.

What if you were to encounter ancient wisdom that reveals humans, along with all aspects of the natural world, are expressions of absolute consciousness; that we are both story and storyteller in one? This awareness changes everything. We realise that we create our reality based on our perceptions, thoughts, beliefs and experiences. And we come to understand that there isn’t anyone or anything else to blame.

Through awakening and self-responsibility we learn to transform the way we see and think. Through our choices we learn to take ownership of our fear-based projections, create mutually beneficial situations, trust the unknown and choose the strength of vulnerability to experience something we've never known or even thought possible. This ancient way of being has its roots in time immemorial and yet appears to be something new.

The Great Awakening begins within each of us as we become aware that certain aspects of our lives no longer work, when we feel frustrated, apathetic or depressed; experience loss, injury or heartache; or are simply tired of living overextended. These often ignored indicators are in actuality, internally-generated messages that our internal intelligence is using to communicate various states of imbalance. They can speak of stifled emotions, stressed systems and exhaustion to name a few. They are the natural way we trigger ourselves to look within, adjust lifestyle, increase self-care, and ultimately, teach us to allow Life to fulfill itself through us instead of trying to control the narrative.

Awakening consciousness is always an inside job. Our separation based paradigms begin around one year of age when we develop a sense of self and establish a personal point of view. This limiting perspective is enhanced by incomplete understanding, cultural programming, survival strategies and other dualistic influences that conspire to overwrite our original state of Oneness. Without adequate wisdom teachings and life practices, we live in a system based on the idea that we are separate from everyone and everything around us.

Currently, we are experiencing a fundamental shift of consciousness. Humanity is yearning to re-establish its connection with nature, rebalance emotional-intellectual intelligence and harmonise masculine-feminine energies. More and more people are choosing to let go of protections and projections, trust intuition, engage loving presence and find the Light within the ‘darkness’ of our times.

Indigenous cultures have stewarded an ancient way of living based on these principles. In the Andes of South America, it is known as ayni, unconditional right relationship. This holistic way of life recognises experiential reality as an opportunity to see the world and daily interactions for what they truly are– self-created opportunities to overcome fear, extend trust, expand awareness, rewrite beliefs and offer love and acceptance to everyone and everything we encounter.

The Wisdomkeepers Project was born from this and from a desire to provide supportive environments to help people from all walks of life navigate the process of awakening. Instead of offering a better version of the dream, we are dedicated to helping people move beyond the trauma and drama of human suffering, reconnect with the natural world, transform perceptual reality and embody unified consciousness.

Our mission is to help create an inclusive world based on harmony, equanimity and mutual respect. Self-love is the key. Talks, consultations, programs, retreats and conscious media offer inspirational spaces to engage our authentic self while learning how to recognise, adapt and/or shed restrictive mindsets and behaviours to embody loving kindness as a basis for daily life. 

Through this journey of self-discovery we learn to see through new eyes. We becomes artists of life, learning to find ease within dis-ease and know contentment through our relationship with the Beloved– our own Eternal Essence.

AWAKENINGS / WAY OF THE WISDOMKEEPERS  programs, journeys and experiential retreats

TRANSFORMING CONSCIOUSNESS  mind-body-spirit integration and consultation

SOMATIC REBALANCING  mental-emotional tension and trigger point release

QUANTUM HEALING  reconnecting and reconfiguring personal life force

LIVING WISDOM conscious media and inspiration for the new earth

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“The findings of modern physics and the principles of perennial wisdom traditions are converging. And the spiritual values associated with these wisdom traditions are being validated by science as beneficial to both individuals and society in general.”

– Institute of Noetic Sciences, Shift Report: Evidence of a World Transforming

"Indigenous peoples across the world are the ones keeping the human race from destroying itself and leading earth to a disaster"

– Noam Chomsky