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AwakenING to REMEmBER our eternal essence


It is human nature to evolve, to seek change, yearn for understanding, expansion, embodiment and personal freedom. Many of us have spent countless hours and resources pursuing knowledge and techniques in order to define who we are or what we wish to be. What if along the way we come to realize that awakening is different from what we thought it to be? Certainly, it is important to develop intelligence, temper drama, redefine ego and increase relative health, but is the outward search actually able to provide the state of consciousness we are seeking or is it simply strengthening our sense of self-identification and thus, prolonging separation?

Herein lies the paradox. In order to achieve comprehensive realization, to awaken beyond one's story, one must first know one's self and then continue the awakening beyond the construct of a "Me" in order to realize that the story and the storyteller are one in the same. In this humble state of self-responsibility one comes realize that they are both the Absolute and the expression of relativity in form.

So where did this idea of a 'me' come from? Around one year of age we begin to contract from our original state of Wonder-Oneness as a result of the mind's perceptual point of view and dualistic influences in our environment. We begin identifying with our own individuality and establish a sense of self that reinforces the belief that we are separate from everyone and everything else. As we move through life and develop our mental landscape we tend to strengthen dualistic paradigms, defend limitations and fear the unknown based on the reflection of the world around us.

Ironically, it's always an inside job. In order to overcome the illusion of separation one must venture into the unknown to experience the state of everything and no-thing that dissolves the mind's limited perspective. Along the way we learn to use the sanctity daily life as our most prominent teacher, to see opportunity instead of difficulty, receptivity within vulnerability and the capacity for loving presence within all personal and professional relationships.

The Wisdomkeepers Project was born out of a desire to provide supportive environments, know-how and guidance to help people from all walks of life reconnect to their Eternal Essence. Consultations, program gatherings and experiential retreats offer focused spaces to rediscover your authentic self by learning how to recognize, adapt and shed restrictive mindsets to embody non-duality as a basis for daily living.

Instead of offering a better version of the dream, we are dedicated to helping you awaken, to move beyond limiting concepts and the trauma-drama of human suffering. In doing so, one learns to develop new eyes and let go of the idea of needing anything such as identification, definition, protection or purpose to define their existence. What arises from this state of not knowing is the Beloved. Living Presence.


AWAKENINGS / WAY OF THE WISDOMKEEPERS program gatherings and integrative retreats

NICCHARIY INTEGRATIVE CONSULTING personal and professional transformation

QUANTUM REBALANCING integrative health and wellness

CONSCIOUS MEDIA inspiration for the New Earth


"Words cannot adequately convey how transformative today’s program was. I am going home a different person and a step closer to my truth. From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, thank you. A trillion times thank you. The love and connection are tangible.

I feel truly blessed to have experienced this work."

– Kia B., London, England