The ISLANDS OF LIGHT COLLECTIVE (IOLC) is a cooperative undertaking dedicated to providing living, retreat, ceremonial and educational environments for individuals and organizations from all walks of life. IOLC includes the Beacons of Light, Islands of Light Living Centers and New Earth Educational Facilities.

The BEACONS OF LIGHT is a multi-year operation to establish a circuit of energy points, or Beacons of Light around the globe. Each beacon is established using inter-dimensional prayer and sacred masculine-feminine energies to manifest individual anchor points on the grid. The Beacons work together with the planetary body and human consciousness to help us remember who we are and where we come from.

ISLANDS OF LIGHT CENTERS and SCHOOLS are a network of sanctuaries and heart based living-retreat-educational centers where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to live, learn and dream within the consciousness of our New Earth reality. Locations are being established at both new and existing facilities that wish to create points of the grid as well as in places of natural beauty where Earth and Star energies can be experienced in their undisturbed forms.

IOLC is a clarion call to help birth a new global reality. It is a means of reweaving ancient wisdom into the gaps of modern society in order to help realize our collective future. As an inter-dependent network, both participants and facilities benefit from shared resources, complementary skill sets and infrastructure to support collaboration, comprehension and planetary cohesion. These principles have always been at the core of ancient lifeways and are coming full circle to be the bedrock of the New Earth.

The  ISLANDS OF LIGHT COLLECTIVE held its first event at Mount Fuji, Japan in May of 2016. Future gatherings and more information can be found at