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Birthing in 2019

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  “In earth-based cultures, each elder that dies is a library that burns.”

– Amadou Hampate Ba

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Help me to awaken, 
to liberate myself and be comprehensively realized as I journey through
earthy planes, amid mountains and unfamiliar waters; as I inhabit the universes of creation.

Deliver me through my experience to the Truth that lies beyond separation and limitation
as I reciprocate unconditional courage, integrity, forgiveness and trust.

Open the Sacred Way for all to walk in the Light
and live a life of impeccable beauty and Love,

On Earth as One.


Tyrolean Alps Retreat, Austria. August 24, 2016

Tyrolean Alps Retreat, Austria. August 24, 2016

Raphael with Mount Shasta

Raphael with Mount Shasta