that which is no-thing and everything, within and without.

 Help me to awaken from the illusion of myself, to live comprehensively

amid earthly planes and unfamiliar waters as I release all aspects that bind me to perspective.

Deliver me through my experience to the Beloved that arises beyond separation and limitation

as I reciprocate with unconditional courage, integrity, forgiveness and trust.

Open the way for all to remember that which cannot be expressed,

yet is recognizable through its presence


on Earth as One.



11 November 2016

Now more than ever it is our responsibility to realize there is a greater, larger plan unfolding and for each of us to take our place within loving presence. While many are fighting against the latest shifts, in the end we are still fighting.

Never have we been in a place of more importance and opportunity. To be present with what is unfolding and how the collective shadow is being called forward and old systems being called out and dismantled. Identify not with what you feel is right or wrong... let us all meet in the field beyond these dualistic thought forms and realize each manifestation moves us to balance. There is something greater, just out of view. Trust...

This is the larger orchestration at hand. Lead yourself and be an example for others. Fear not and allow the greater good to be known by not giving in to the urge to judge or take sides. Once all is revealed, all will see that this is one step in a longer journey- wherein life always comes to equilibrium.

At this greater depth we will birth humanity within and without, beyond separation, identity and definition. Allow all to wake from the small dream through these messengers, these times. The more tension on the bow, the further the arrow flies to realization.

Seek clarity, know truth beyond opinion or party. This is the time the ancients have been speaking of. We are here now at the end of times, midwifing the New Earth. Embodied.

Bring forth your Light and Love, into every nook and cranny of existence.

Be here now my love!


Tyrolean Alps, Austria.  August 24, 2016

Tyrolean Alps, Austria.  August 24, 2016

22 July 2016

Be open. Throw yourself into life with wild abandon. Do not resist the blossom that comes forth in you. Be not the observer in concern for acceptance and safety for you are the only one that is able to provide this for yourself. Truly. What one considers another is only a reflection of our own perspective, judged as good or bad by the mind that controls the vessel. Release yourself into the magnificence of your being beyond these games of human life at this time. Go forth into the unknown and simply build what you like and allow yourself the exquisite reality that is You.

3 June 2016

Raphael with Mount Shasta

Raphael with Mount Shasta

Prayers of Unity with Wetterhorn, Schreakhorn, Eiger, Mönch, Jaugfrau, Breithorn, Tschingelhorn & Gspaltenhorn                                                                 Mürren, Switzerland  30.4.2016



JULY 14, 2014

The past six months have been very fulfilling to be out in the world offering the film after its 5-year ‘pregnancy'. I have been between Hawaii, North America and Europe and have been deeply touched by the people I have encountered, the outpouring of emotion and the loving space we have created amid the challenges of these times on the planet. I am also deeply grateful for my wife and boys for their support and understanding of my work and my being away in attendance to the lineage project.

This next week the tour continues through the Eastern US and in mid-August I will be with Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona to host an online film screening and discussion for our premiere worldwide streaming event to kick off the film’s online presence. For those of you who would like to tune into this event, you can simply follow the link on our schedule page as soon as it is up.

People from around the globe have been asking when the film will be available in their areas. We have realized quite quickly that it would take us years to be able to offer hosted events in all of these locations so we have moved ahead with online distribution to increase the offerings. Following the event with Drunvalo on August 16th, the film will be available to watch online anytime via our website, and for those of you who have also inquired about getting a copy of the film's soundtrack, that will up up on as well.

Moving into Autumn, we will be bringing out a Wisdomkeepers Book of Prayers composed of images from the film along with a number of its prayerful dialogues. There will be DVD’s available as well as note and postcards and a few other items to help bring the film’s message to life.

In gratitude,



JANUARY 1, 2014

The past weeks have seen a flurry of activity and wonderful alignments. The new website is just about to launch and the marketing team has fleshed out the year with screenings and programs in North America and Europe. It is wonderful to see how the project is touching deep roots in people and invites are coming in from many cities and countries asking to have the film screened locally to bring the heart connection to local folks.

In two weeks I head to Los Angeles to master the audio and video tracks into their presentation form. From there, a trip to Boulder to meet up with the team and commence the tour. February brings us to Kaua’i, Austin, Holland and Greece where we will hold space in one of the axis points of western civilization. We will be updating the tour information as things firm up for future events and have some special inter-cultural programs planned with Indigenous nations and world lineage traditions.  More to come on that soon as well as video blogs from tour locations.

After a very intensive 2013 we as One society on Earth are turning the corner into profound change this coming year. I am so looking forward to see all of you out there.

Much love and support along the Way.

- Jeffrey


NOVEMBER 23, 2013

We are gearing up for the film’s release this January by launching a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of final mastering sessions and support start up expenses with the film’s marketing, promotion and distribution. The core promotion team is busy coordinating and developing locations, prepping the new website and weaving the foundational networks. We are using a mix of community-based organizing and a ‘left brain’ strategy mixed with the magic of receiving screening invitations as more people have a chance to see the film and offer connections to local communities, retreat and cultural art centers, etc.

I will be traveling with the film on a regular basis with my first stop in Boulder, Colorado followed by a trip to Amsterdam and Athens in February. Each month we will be in a new region. 2014 is shaping up to be a full year and I am excited to have the chance to share the project’s transmission far and wide.

A joyful holy-day season to you all. 

- Jeffrey


OCTOBER 18, 2013

In August of 2008 while on pilgrimage in the Andes, I received a ‘download’ for creating a documentary film to serve as a vehicle for transmitting experiential knowledge through the intimate depiction of ancient holistic lifeways. With the blessings of the lineage and the support of private donors, I gathered my various hats and began the process of learning how to ‘receive’ the film.

Pre-production logistics for WISDOMKEEPERS, PAQO ANDINO commenced in November of 2008. In April 2009, principle photography began on location in Peru and continued for the next eighteen months. In March of 2013, after fourteen months of editing and my second child and I having learned to walk (he on two legs and me editing in complete faith), the film’s picture was locked at 131 minutes total run time. I am very pleased with the outcome on all levels and so thankful for all of the patience and guidance along the way. These next months see the film in its distribution coordination stage, with roll out happening simultaneously across several media formats, including filmmaker hosted showings at retreat centers, cultural arts centers, nondenominational churches, universities and other public venues.

I look forward to sharing the magical moments we have experienced during the making of this legacy project and I want to thank the unyielding support of my wife Kristina, our boys, and the work of the Mystics whose tireless efforts have helped prevent this world from coming to an end. Congratulations! We have all made it. Now we learn to fly.

May you always live in Beauty.

- Jeffrey