nicchariy integrative consulting – personal & professional transformation

Catherine Björkstén and Jeffrey Wium offer personal and professional consultancy, guidance and mediation support to help individuals and organizations evolve holistic operating paradigms and establish harmony in the home and workplace. We work closely with clients to help navigate perceptual blockages, increase synergy and inspire mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are dedicated to helping you evolve operating paradigms, develop holistic structures, alter patterns, resolve conflicts, improve lifestyle choices, redefine relationships and/or align core business practices. We focus on supporting personal empowerment, cooperation, communication, heart-based intelligence and equanimity to help people see beyond blockages, overcome dis-ease and find translation points to achieve sustainable solutions. Our methodology is based on listening intently beyond the apparent story, offering non-dualistic perspectives and quantum protocols to facilitate optimal resolutions for you and your relations.

One-to-one and multiple person sessions are available locally and at a distance over FaceTime and Skype.



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