Somatic Rebalancing, Quantum Healing & Awakening Consciousness

I founded Awakening Wisdom & Wellness to offer an integrative approach to health based on the marriage of ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and quantum practice. I work with an array of complementary modalities to help clients release mental-emotional tension, restore vitality and awaken consciousness.

My focus is on helping people live more harmoniously within themselves, at home and in the workplace. I recognise tension, disruption and dis-ease as forms of mind-body communication that indicate where imbalance is present and what is needed to restore equilibrium. I support your body's own innate healing capacity and employ holistic techniques depending on individual needs, including: quantum energy medicine, somatic rebalancing, intuitive movement, yoga, qigong, reiki, meditation, sound-light therapy, holistic coaching, visioning and shamanic practices.

Short-term support and on-going maintenance sessions help individuals, couples, families and organisations reduce tension, resolve conflicts, increase functionality, mitigate dis-ease, evolve lifestyle choices, deepen relationships and realign professional practices. 

Depending on location, sessions are available in person and at a distance via video chat or phone. Please email me with questions and to receive pricing in your local currency. Additional information about quantum healing and awakening consciousness sessions can be found below.

Aroha nui  (with deep affection)

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"Jeffrey has tremendous wisdom, empathy and insight with people. He has a high level of expertise and experience in supporting people with their personal, professional and spiritual development. He is compassionate and conscientious in all he does. When you are willing to grow, Jeffrey is among the best to help you take great steps forward."

– Erica O., Senior Training Manager., Healthcare Europe, Netherlands


Quantum Healing operates via universal, consciousness-based principles that help realign and maintain your mind-body-spirit equilibrium. This ancient, holistic approach to health and wellness works with your body's innate intelligence, recognising discomfort and dis-ease as indicators of systemic imbalance. Thus, emotional heartache, mental disquiet and physical illness are seen for what they are, messengers letting us know there is something out of balance or blocked, rather than merely symptoms (forms of internal communication) requiring suppression.

In Quantum Healing, we work with the body's innate wisdom, listening to where and how your mind-body are communicating via diminished quality, pain and/or disruption. And then focus attention on freeing up and replenishing your own energetic resources to support your natural state of homeostasis (health). Once your system comes back into balance, the body's symptomatic indicators dissipate as they are no longer needed. They've done their job of getting your attention and requesting self care.

The human body is a complex, multi-level system with its own set of functional checks and balances. Our body's internal wisdom knows exactly what to do to maintain health when given sufficient energetic resources, and will generate symptoms/conditions as needed to indicate where and when we are out of balance.

Developing consciousness and self-awareness helps sustain our life force, while their absence invites dis-ease, dysfunction and ageing. What makes Quantum Healing stand apart is its ability to transmit optimal energetic frequencies (tunings) directly into your cells/organism while effectively bypassing the mental-emotional tension fields that have influenced the imbalance to begin with. Quantum Healing along with pre and post-tuning analyses help you feel and see comparative results. Throughout this process you become more aware of your body's innate intelligence and forms of communication in order to recognise where your life choices, environmental inputs, behaviours and thought forms support or adversely affect your overall health. After addressing acute or long-term imbalances, many people choose to have regular quantum maintenance sessions to offset their day-to-day stressors and to maximise overall health and well-being.

In addition to Quantum Healing techniques, I use a variety of modalities, including psychosomatic bodywork to promote one's self-awareness and to release tension stored in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I have also found that it is important to address and transform the underlying beliefs and lifestyle choices that lead to imbalance and dis-ease. For this reason, I offer Awakening Consciousness sessions, either one-to-one, with couples and/or families as well as ongoing mind-body-spirit programmes and retreats.

Please contact me at to book a session or speak about your process. For more information on upcoming events, programmes and retreats, please visit the PROGRAM CALENDAR and RETREATS pages of this website.


“The quantum work has had a very deep influence on my emotional well-being and has helped me with the deeper aspects that have affected my health for many years. After the session, it feels as though someone has restored the power flow into the body, mind and energy system. All aspects of my being are at a higher level. The result is a feeling of greater vitality, clarity, vigor and wellbeing— in heart, body and soul.” 

– John K., MindBody Practitioner, Breckenridge, Colorado


We begin the process with an intake call, video chat or email conversation to understand your situation/symptoms and answer questions. After the call, I do an in-depth quantum analysis of your energetic, mental, emotional and physical systems. This provides us with a comprehensive overview of your health and indicates areas of imbalance where your life force is being disrupted or blocked based on daily inputs, conditioning, unresolved and incomplete experiences (mental-emotional tensions), limiting beliefs, environmental impacts, hereditary factors, etc. 

The next step is to address the imbalances, blockages and deficiencies with a multi-faceted quantum tuning to free up your energetic resources (natural life force) and stimulate healthy system function. After five days of integration, we touch base again to share your observations and then I do a follow up analysis to check your systems. Following each analysis, I provide you with a .pdf document showing the findings as well as corresponding information to help you better understand how your mind-body-system is communicating and functioning. Clients tend to feel dramatic shifts from the first session as their life force begins revitalising their system. Common examples include a deeper sense of self,  increased energy, calmness, less tension, positive outlook, etc.

IDF Quantum Healing sessions are done remotely using a highly sensitive quantum instrument. Clients do not need to be present as this modality operates at the quantum-energetic level. Usually one or two sessions are sufficient to address common imbalances with longer term conditions requiring additional attention. Sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis and each subsequent session consists of a new analysis, tuning and follow up analysis. Progress is tracked via comparative analyses, but more importantly, via your own rejuvenated health and sense of clarity.

Quantum Healing promotes health and well-being from the inside out while supporting self-awareness and helping to mitigate the adverse affects of modern life. I base my work in a non-dualistic paradigm, recognising symptoms, discomfort and dis-ease as messengers of imbalance and obstruction. I am here to help you understand and respect your mind-body's communication, help redirect resources, and suggest changes to help you regenerate optimal health. Together, we are all learning to bring that which is unresolved and unconscious into the realms of waking Consciousness. 

Of all of the forms of healing modalities I have experienced and/or practiced over the years, I find Quantum Healing to be the most effective and efficient. It is truly a marriage of mysticism and science, ancient practice and modern know-how. It is the reason I use it as a foundational aspect of my work to help people regenerate health and embody a renewed sense of well-being.

Quantum Healing can address a wide array of topics, including:

Energetic imbalance related to biofield resonance, chi circulation, meridian, chakra and energetic circuits, psychological disruption caused by restrictive beliefs, shock and trauma, relationship and external influences, depression, mold, parasites, electromagnetic overload, environmental impacts, old injury and medication impacts, metabolism, microbiome, immune, lymphatic and hormonal functions, organ health, reproductive, muscle, nerve, tissue and bone imbalance, fatigue, virus and bacterial loads, lymes, weight problems, hypertension, sleep imbalance, headache and tinnitus, ADHD, brain and memory function, chemtrail impacts, hot flashes, auto immune imbalance, allergies, disease and detox protocols. 



In addition to Quantum Healing, I find it is necessary to transform the conscious/subconscious beliefs and environmental impacts that cause one's system to go out of balance in the first place. If this is not properly addressed, the mind will regenerate imbalances and symptomatic indicators in order to bring one's awareness back to the problem(s) at hand. Awakening consciousness is an empowering journey. One where you learn to be self-aware, self-nurturing and ultimately, self-realised. Through this process you learn to find opportunity within 'obstacle', to love instead of fear and to live in a non-dualistic state of Loving Presence.

Sessions are 1.5 hours in length and can be held in person or at a distance via FaceTime and Skype. Ongoing work can be broken up into shorter check-in sessions as required. Sometimes a small insight is all it takes to see with new eyes.

These modalities complement each other perfectly. Through Quantum Healing, you bring needed resources to your system and learn to feel shifts in energy while increasing overall health. After a session you re-engage daily life (thoughts, choices and environments) where you are able to recognise what contributes to imbalance or a sense of harmony and ease. From empowering your life experience, examining subconscious beliefs and operating with self-responsibility, you gain working knowledge of what is needed to optimise health and sustain well-being.



Another aspect of awakening consciousness is living in Conscious Relationship with yourself, your family and your beloveds. These sessions help you develop more cognitive, self-empowering and nurturing ways of addressing yourself, and in relationship with others. Topics include: open communication, mutual respect, equanimity, understanding/working through fear, healthy boundaries, meeting your needs while supporting another's, intimacy, and inter-dependency.

Sessions are 1.5 hours in length and can be held in person or at a distance via FaceTime and Skype. Ongoing work can be broken up into shorter check-in sessions as required. Sometimes a small nudge or insight is all it takes...


"These past years have been very stressful, including surviving a natural disaster and going through a divorce. After my session with Jeff, I felt a dramatic sense of inner peace, light-heartedness, improved confidence, mental clarity and restored energy. I can honestly say that no other form of treatment has had such a deep, immediate and powerful effect. Recently, my 3-year old was traumatised and showed significant signs of stress. Jeffrey’s work brought immediate results and after the second session, my son is better than I have ever seen him."

– Skye Z., Pediatrician, Chinese Medical Doctor & Wellness Practitioner, Boulder, Colorado


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