QUANTUM REBALANCING & integrative consulting

Jeffrey Wium and Catherine Björkstén offer personal and professional consultancy, guidance and mediation services to help individuals and organizations expand awareness and establish harmony in the home and workplace.

We are dedicated to helping you establish more holistic perspectives, resolve conflicts, improve lifestyle choices, redefine relationships and align professional practices. Our focus is on supporting personal empowerment, cooperation, communication, heart-based intelligence and equanimity to help increase synergy and inspire mutually beneficial outcomes. In short, to help you grow the life you wish to live.

One-to-one and multiple person sessions are available locally and at a distance over FaceTime and Skype.



UK / Europe / Americas / Asia

Jeffrey Wium - jeffrey@wiumworks.com

Catherine Björkstén - elataya1111@gmail.com

"Jeffrey has tremendous wisdom, empathy and insight with people. He has a high level of expertise and experience in supporting people with their personal, professional and spiritual development. He is compassionate and conscientious in all he does. When you are willing to grow, Jeffrey is among the best to help you take great steps forward."

– Erica O., Senior Training Mgr., Healthcare Europe, The Netherlands


"My work with Catherine has changed my life. It has opened my eyes to my soul’s journey and what I have been longing for all along. Her insights resonated so much. I’ve never recognised the skills that I have. I am now a life coach and loving it. I’ve found my true calling and it feels amazing. Thank you for this invaluable gift."

– Syma D., Life Coach, London, England